We do Non-Medical homecare the right way!

Professional Caretakers is a premier, Texas based, home health care agency serving Fort Worth, Dallas, Grapevine, Duncanville, Richardson, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and the surrounding counties for over 25 years.

We are not a franchise. We’re family owned, and one of just a handful of CQA Certified home care agencies. Compassionate, comprehensive and dignified care is just a phone call away.

Popular Services We Offer

Home Care for Veterans

Almost every home care agency can help you fill out the VA paperwork or you can do it yourself. We want your business. Professional Caretakers can complete your paperwork for free!
Hospice Care

Our objective is to help the family focus on their relationship and the time they have with their loved one.  Letting go is one of the most powerful expressions of faith and greatest parting gifts you can offer anyone!
In Home Senior Care

Professional Caretakers offers services from as little as a 1 hour visit up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays!
Personal Assistants

Includes non-medical services plus personal, hands-on care provided which includes items like; Feeding, Transferring, Bathing and Dressing, and Medication Reminders

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How can we help YOU?

Its as easy as clicking 1, 2, 3 below for a detailed explanation of how we can help you to care for your loved one in their own home:

  1. You can be your folk’s daughter again, let us be the caretaker.
  2. Peace of mind.
  3. Stay in YOUR home.

For a simple list of specific tasks we can perform, click here to go to our Services page.

1. You can be your folk’s daughter again.

Let us be the caretaker- You have enough stress in your life without also being the only caretaker for your parents. If nothing else, you may need a break. Sometimes a short break from caretaking can change your attitude and improve your relationship with your parents. And that’s why you decided on being the caretaker in the first place – because you love them and want the very best. However, listening to the same story, arguing over nutrition, bathing and diapering, setting up meds, are not helping your relationship. Also, the physical effects on your back can have a real impact on your relationship and your other responsibilities.

Stop searching for the right caretaker. That’s our passion! -Looking for, interviewing, background checks, payroll taxes, training, and supervision is what we do every day! Even if you get that all correct, your loved one may not get along with the caretaker. We pride ourselves in matching not only the correct skills, but also the right personality. So long term, you have the same caretaker and don’t have to train and retrain them. And that makes everyone happy. At Professional Caretakers, caretaking is our passion!

Stop running yourself ragged. We’ll do all the errands. -Take a break! We will take your loved one to the grocery store, a beauty appointment, doctor’s office, etc., or even out for a drive. You have enough errands with kids, your husband, and your job. You can spend quality time with your parent instead of rushing around town! Remember, Professional Caretakers includes errands in their low rates.

You CAN be the daughter again. Call Professional Caretakers now!

2. You can have peace of mind.

You are in control – You decide the hours and what we do for you.  You can have the peace of mind that comes with our worry free service.  Because we hire caretakers that are eager to please, Professional Caretakers will do what you want us to do.  Unlike some agencies, we emphasize what we CAN do, not what we can’t. So, we can help with cleaning, laundry, meals, errands and even your pets and plants. Call Professional Caretakers and we’ll do it the way you want!

Guarantee - If you don’t feel you got your money’s worth, tell us. Not only will we refund your payment for that day, but we will find someone that WILL please you. We have 100’s of caretakers, so we will find the right one. With Professional Caretakers, there is no obligation until you are happy!

Don’t fret about a Hospital or Nursing Home stay. – Let us be your advocate/surrogate.-Professional Caretakers can make sure your loved one gets the care and attention they need. Hospitals can be scary, especially to those that have even mild dementia. We can be there to console and make them comfortable. Moreover, we can also make sure they are attended to quickly. No one should go to the hospital alone. If you are not able to visit your loved one in the nursing home, we can help with that. We can visit for you and make sure they are getting everything they need. We can do this on a regular basis to supplement your care. We can also be your backup or respite care when you need a break. Call Professional Caretakers and get on our service list now. There is no obligation.

Don’t worry that you are not getting all your insurance benefits. – Professional Caretakers will handle your insurance and make sure you get the benefits you deserve.-You purchased the best long term care insurance for your loved one. Now, you would like to use it. Some claims get denied for minor things. Professional Caretakers knows about elimination periods, activities of daily living, maximum benefits, inflation riders, etc. so you don’t have to. We will provide your insurance company weekly copies of your nurse notes, licensing requirements, ADL’s, provider numbers, and anything else they need to pay your claims on time. Long term care policies can be difficult to read and even more difficult to monitor. Let us handle your insurance for you!

Professional Caretakers is a preferred provider with many long term care insurance companies. We will furnish everything your insurance company needs to pay your claim. More importantly, we will read your policy and make sure your care plan is tailored to get the maximum insurance payment due you. Call us now for a free policy review by our insurance team!

3. You can stay safely in YOUR own home.

Comfort and Familiarity-No one wants to go to the nursing home. You are always more “at home”, at home.  This is especially important for a loved one that has dementia or the onset of some dementia. They know where their bathroom is, how to turn on their TV and they are not surrounded by a multitude of new faces. There is a way to stay in YOUR home as long as possible. Planning is the key to staying home. Professional Caretakers starts your planning with our initial free assessment.

During your assessment, our nurse helps you develop a care plan that assesses the safety of staying at home. Unlike other agencies, our RN care management is included free. We have an RN that continues to monitor, evaluate and adjust the plan for changes in your health and your support. With Professional Caretakers, the goal is always home care FIRST!  But if other options are warranted, we have the ability to recognize and help you transition safely.  But only when you make that decision.

Affordability- One of the reasons many seniors leave their home is an effort to downsize or they were sold an assisted living apartment.  However, in most cases, a paid for home, coupled with home care and family support is all you may need to stay in YOUR home.

Senior care is expensive.  However, with Professional Caretakers home care you get the Cadillac of Service at affordable rates.  We also have reduced live-in rates if you need someone 24/7.  If you just need a little help around the house, you can schedule as little as one hour.  Our most affordable hourly rate requires at least four hours of service.  Please see our Home Care Costs Comparison that explains why, over time, home care can actually cost less than independent living, assisted living or a nursing home. Call us now to see how we can develop an affordable plan for you!

Upkeep - Another reason people leave their home is because they are no longer able to maintain a household.  With Professional Caretakers help, you can.   We can help with cleaning, laundry, meals, errands and even your pets and plants.  We can also help you with and coordinate repairs.

Driving becoming a problem? Professional Caretakers includes transportation in our low rates.  Transportation to medical appointments, beauty salons, shopping, or wherever else your loved one wants to go is included free. Getting out is good for everyone’s mind, body and spirit. So, we include transportation for free!  For more information on our Transportation Services, click here.

Call us now and we can show you how you can stay in YOUR own home!